At the beginning of the XX century, Mante became the center for commerce in the South of Tamaulipas and in 1930 the sugar mill Mante´s sugar mill initiated operations. As a result our city lived an economic boom from 1930 through 1940.
While Mante's most important economic activity was agricultural, primarily sugar cane and cotton crops Cotton crops , it was continually changing. lt's tropical climate marked by mild winters, warm and humid evenings and adequate rainfall provides a year round growing season to sustain a variety of crops from traditional to exotic.

Today, Mante's economy continues to bring new people to the area looking for employment and or business ventures. Mante and its competent labor has reached a new level of growth due to its many natural resources natural resources  and basic infrastructure services. this has all  resulted in Cd. Mante becoming one of the most important cities in Tamaulipas from the standpoint of public services and commerce.
Mante also stands out where ecotourism and fishing are concerned since they can be enjoyed the year round.

In Mante the visitor can find the most beautiful ecosystems such as the "El Cielo" biosphere reserve. shared with her neighboring municipalities of Gomez Farias and Ocampo. In the region also the "Cerro del Bernal" mountain, the State symbol and a a beautiful site to visit, stretches her peak towards the sky. Other areas worth visiting in the Mante region are the "Abra" caverns, the "El Nacimiento" spring, the Guayalejo, Santa Clara, the Tantoan and Frio rivers and the Ramiro Caballero and Aguja dams.

The possibilities of our city are endless. Companies can set up shop in Mante with total confidence that they will have the necessary backing through the legal and accounting services, the government agencies, the realtors and other support companies who are well versed in international business, and who will strive to make them successful.
The municipality of Mante is located in the southern part of the State of Tamaulipas, México, approximately 280 miles south of the port of Brownsville, Texas and 96 miles north of Tampico's and Altamira's deep water ports.
The distance to major cities such as México is 390 miles (to the Southwest), Guadalajara 560 miles (to the west) and Monterey 265 miles (to the Northwest). Mante's territorial extension measures 1,185 square miles (1,906 Km2) which is 2.38% of the area of the state of Tamaulipas. Its climate is warm,  sub humid and hot during the summer. Temperatures vary from 39° F (4° C) in winter to a maximum of 113° F (45° C) in summer.





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